Goldfish ‘Submerged’ review



One of the events in the last newsletter was Goldfish live at Ignite on Sundays through till the end of January. I went to check out the first one last night and can tell you for free that Sundays at Ignite are going to be a feature of summer.

While it was only the first one, the place was pretty packed. And even though it was a Sunday night, when I left at midnight (hey, I do have a day job), the place was still going bossies. And even though it was raining (something that affects caprice noticeably), the support was substantial.

Goldfish has invested in a an impressive sound & light rig which makes you feel like you’re at a concert. They’re playing some of the new tracks from the second album due for release early next year and from what I heard last night, it’s going to be awesome.

Ignite seems to be a good venue for these events because it has different sections. The main section goes bossies, the balcony will be awesome for catching the sunset and some fresh air and the other bar area is cool for chatting because it’s not so loud. Also having 2 separate bars makes it easier to get a drink.

I made a mistake in the newsletter, I said cover charge was R50 but it’s actually R30 and girls free before 8pm. It’s really worth it.


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  1. This Sunday, 11th Nov, there is a charity event starting at 7pm with Goldfish following. So you can pay a little extra (tickets are R100) and see Flat Stanley, The Rudimentals and Goldfish.

    Sweet deal.