Galileo open air cinema

Galileo Open Air Cinema

Galileo Open Air Cinema

The Galileo open air cinema has been going for a few years now. It started just at Kirstenbosch on Wednesday evenings, but now they have a few venues: Hillcrest Quarry (Tuesdays), V&A Waterfront (Thursdays) and various venues in the winelands (Saturdays). They show different movies at each venue so you could theoretically go more than once in a week.

My first visit was just a few weeks ago, as I wanted to give them a chance to settle in. And I’m glad I did, because it was a slick operation by the time I went.

You can purchase your tickets online, choosing whether you want to include a blanket or chair, or both. I was invited and my ticket included a blanket and chair. It was early November and it got very cold at Kirstenbosch so the blanket came in useful, although you can take your own blanket. But you can’t take your own chair, so if you want something to lean back against, you need to order one of their chairs.

Galileo Open Air Cinema

The organisers encourage people to make it a fun evening out and there are prizes to be won if you dress up on certain evenings. You can check the website for details on that. There was a fancy dress station on the night I was there. I’m not sure if it was just for the media launch or if it’s there all the time. We donned some gear and took photos, it was fun.

Galileo Open Air Cinema

The food and beverages are provided market style. There is a bar for drinks, selling craft beers, wine and soft drinks. Then there are a selection of food stalls selling tasty options like pizza, Mexican, Argentinian, etc. There is even a popcorn stand. But you can take your own food and drinks if you prefer. My friend and I decided to support the Argentinian stand. I thought the food was good looking, she thought the guy serving the food was good looking.

Galileo Open Air Cinema Galileo Open Air Cinema Galileo open air cinema

The we settled in for the movie, which was Moulin Rouge. It’s been so long since I saw that movie. I’m not sure I really appreciated it properly the first time I saw it. It’s a masterpiece. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The screen was nice and big, the sound was good, and we were relatively comfortable. I was warned by some that there can be an issue with people talking during the movie, but we didn’t have much of that at all.

Overall I thought it was a great evening out and would definitely do it again. In fact, perusing the programme (see below), there are some very cool movies I would like to see…

Find out more at the Galileo Website. I recommend reading through the FAQs, there are some good questions there.

More photos in my gallery here.

2014/2015 Programme

(for the ones that say VOTE, you need to go to their Facebook page and vote for your favourite out of the ones on offer that evening)

Tue 25-Nov-14 Hillcrest Quarry The Shawshank Redemption
Wed 26-Nov-14 Kirstenbosch Gardens Days of My Youth
Thu 27-Nov-14 V&A Waterfront Napoleon Dynamite
Sat 29-Nov-14 Winelands (Lourensford) Mamma Mia
Tue 02-Dec-14 Hillcrest Quarry Mamma Mia
Wed 03-Dec-14 Kirstenbosch Gardens The Breakfast Club
Thu 04-Dec-14 V&A Waterfront Chicago
Tue 09-Dec-14 Hillcrest Quarry Avatar
Wed 10-Dec-14 Kirstenbosch Gardens Earth + The Animal Communicator (Double Feature!)
Thu 11-Dec-14 V&A Waterfront Top Gun
Tue 16-Dec-14 Hillcrest Quarry District 9
Wed 17-Dec-14 Kirstenbosch Gardens Singing in the Rain
Thu 18-Dec-14 V&A Waterfront Night at the Museum
Sat 20-Dec-14 Winelands (Rustenberg) Love Actually
Tue 23-Dec-14 Hillcrest Quarry Alone
Thu 25-Dec-14 V&A Waterfront Elf
Tue 30-Dec-14 Hillcrest Quarry Grease
Thu 01-Jan-15 V&A Waterfront Wizard of Oz
Tue 06-Jan-15 Hillcrest Quarry Strength in Numbers + Danny MacAskill (Double Feature!)
Wed 07-Jan-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens E.T.
Thu 08-Jan-15 V&A Waterfront Back to the Future Part 1
Tue 13-Jan-15 Hillcrest Quarry Annie
Wed 14-Jan-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens Eat Pray Love
Thu 15-Jan-15 V&A Waterfront Chasing Ice
Sat 17-Jan-15 Winelands (Knorhoek) The Notebook
Tue 20-Jan-15 Hillcrest Quarry Four Weddings and a Funeral
Wed 21-Jan-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus
Tue 27-Jan-15 Hillcrest Quarry Casablanca
Wed 28-Jan-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens A Fistful of Dollars
Thu 29-Jan-15 V&A Waterfront VOTE
Wed 04-Feb-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens Reelrock 9
Thu 05-Feb-15 V&A Waterfront The Devil Wears Prada
Sat 07-Feb-15 Winelands (Warwick) Top Gun
Tue 10-Feb-15 Hillcrest Quarry The Notebook
Wed 11-Feb-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens Shakespeare in Love
Thu 12-Feb-15 V&A Waterfront Blue Lagoon
Sat 14-Feb-15 Winelands (Groot Constantia) SECRET VALENTINE’S DAY MOVIE
Tue 17-Feb-15 Hillcrest Quarry The Poltergeist
Wed 18-Feb-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens West Side Story
Thu 19-Feb-15 V&A Waterfront Ghostbusters
Tue 24-Feb-15 Hillcrest Quarry VOTE
Wed 25-Feb-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens Finding Joe
Thu 26-Feb-15 V&A Waterfront Rocky Horror Picture Show
Tue 03-Mar-15 Hillcrest Quarry Dirty Dancing
Wed 04-Mar-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens Notting hill
Thu 05-Mar-15 V&A Waterfront Storm Surfers
Sat 07-Mar-15 Winelands (Vergenoegd) Dirty Dancing
Wed 11-Mar-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens Edward Scissorhands
Thu 12-Mar-15 V&A Waterfront Zoolander
Tue 17-Mar-15 Hillcrest Quarry Snatch
Wed 18-Mar-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens 50 First Dates
Tue 24-Mar-15 Hillcrest Quarry Travailen + Mount St Elias (Double Feature!)
Wed 25-Mar-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens VOTE
Thu 26-Mar-15 V&A Waterfront Titanic
Tue 31-Mar-15 Hillcrest Quarry Gone With The Wind
Wed 01-Apr-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens The Blair Witch Project
Thu 02-Apr-15 V&A Waterfront Sound City
Tue 07-Apr-15 Hillcrest Quarry The Dark Night
Wed 08-Apr-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens Bridget Jones’ Diary
Thu 09-Apr-15 V&A Waterfront Braveheart
Sat 11-Apr-15 Winelands (Webersburg) Grease
Tue 14-Apr-15 Hillcrest Quarry Pretty Woman
Wed 15-Apr-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail
Thu 16-Apr-15 V&A Waterfront Some Like it Hot
Tue 21-Apr-15 Hillcrest Quarry Pulp Fiction
Wed 22-Apr-15 Kirstenbosch Gardens On Any Sunday
Thu 23-Apr-15 V&A Waterfront Forrest Gump