Free Hotel Nights With The Entertainer

The brilliant ones among you, that know a good deal when you see one, will probably already own a copy of The Entertainer (app or book). So you will already know that apart from 2 for 1 deals at restaurants, spas, and various activities, there are 2 for 1 vouchers for hotel stays all around the world.

The difference with the hotel vouchers is that, because they are worth so much, there is only 1 offer per hotel, instead of the usual 3 available for other deals. But The Entertainer is currently running a promotion where a selection of hotels are offering up to 3 free nights. Have a look at the screenshots below. The first is a normal restaurant offer, 3x main meals free. The second is a normal hotel offering, 1x free night. The third screenshot shows an example of the promotion which runs until the end of August, 3x free hotel nights! Plus, you can book through The Entertainer, just click the ‘Entertainer Booking Request’ button. Here is the list of all participating hotels.

Free hotel nights

I know you’re excited about this promotion. But I am about to make it EVEN SWEETER! The Entertainer retail price is R445, but it’s currently on special for R345. AND if you use ‘relax’ as the promo code you get an additional 10% discount. Just to be clear, using the promo code ‘relax’, you will pay only R310.50 for The Entertainer (book or app) 2015, containing hundreds of thousands of Rands worth of 2 for 1 deals which are valid anytime. Click the banner below to purchase.

If you want to know more about The Entertainer and how it works, read my review of The Entertainer.

The Entertainer