Everything’s Cool review

I watched a documentary about global warming at the Encounters documentary festival last night called ‘Everything’s Cool’. It’s not a fantastic documentary, I wouldn’t recommend that you inconvenience yourself in order to see it (in other words spend R35 and 2 hours). There were some interesting points that came out of it though.

They were trying to gauge how much the American public knows and cares about global warming. Unsurprising they knew little and cared less (that is changing now), but what was interesting was seeing why. In order to protect their profits, the big corporations in the fossil fuel industries give financial backing to pseudo scientific organisations which claim to be working in the public interest. The objective of these organisations is to fuel (pardon the pun) debate about climate change. They don’t mind if they win or lose the debate, the purpose is just to make the public believe the topic is still under debate rather than an accepted reality. It worked very well.

The more I see what giant corporations get up to, the angrier I get. I posted an article about the corporations in the biotech industry recently called ‘Where is James Bond’. You cannot believe what they are prepared to do to us and the environment for the sake of making money.

There is another very good documentary called ‘The Corporation’. It’s actually available for viewing on Google video, just go to video.google.com and search for ‘the corporation movie’. When you see what companies get away with, it will make your blood boil. Maybe of everyone’s blood starts boiling we can do something about this problem of giant corporations ruling the world.


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  1. You can also find “the Corporation” freely available on bitTorrent… one of the few legally available bittorrent downloads