Entertainer App Allows Voucher Gifting

Let me save you some time. If you already know what The Entertainer is you can skip the next paragraph. But whatever you do, don’t miss the last paragraph of the post!

The Entertainer is a product which contains hundreds of 2 for 1 offers which are valid for all sorts of things like restaurants, spas, hotels, leisure activities, etc. The offers are valid all year round and there are normally a few of each voucher. The product comes as a book and an app, and the total number of vouchers is in the hundreds of thousands of Rands.

I love the Entertainer app. For me its way more convenient than the book because I don’t have to worry about having the book with me, I just need my phone. Apart from that, the app gets updated with new offers all the time while the book is static for the year. And also, the app geo-locates you and shows you offers nearby. Plus, the book kills too many trees.

But some people prefer the book, and the main reason is that they want to be able to give vouchers they don’t want or can’t use to other people. It’s a valid reason as it means one can get more value out of the vouchers. It would be impossible for one person to use every voucher in the book on their own.

But now there is no reason to prefer the book as The Entertainer has made is possible to share vouchers with other people in the app!

It’s called pinging. It will send the voucher to the person’s email address. If the person doesn’t have the app installed they can click the link in the email and download the app and the vouchers you have sent them will appear in the app. The app is free to download and they don’t have to have purchased a city pack in order to use the vouchers.

How cool is that? Here’s some screenshots demonstrating the super easy process.

Sending involves simply opening the partner in the app and pressing the Ping button which looks like a paper aeroplane. Then simply press each voucher you want to send and it will be ticked. Once the vouchers have been selected, click Ping x Offers at the bottom of the screen…

The Entertainer

Next it will ask you to enter the email address of the person you are sending it to. Fill that in, then click Ping and it will send them an email telling them you have sent them some vouchers to use.

PS. Did you notice the Uber button? That’s another awesome new feature in the app. You can see how close the nearest Uber is and what it would cost to Uber to this particular partner. Clicking the Uber button will open the Uber app, allowing you to call for a car. Also, did you know that UberX is 20% off during June 2015?

The Entertainer

Receiving is equally easy. The recipient will open the email and click the link to download the app if they don’t have it installed. If they have it installed it will open the app and show them a pinged offers dialogue box and they need to select Yes to accept the offer.

The Entertainer

The voucher will then show in the partner screen under ‘Offers Pinged to me’ and is ready to be used.

The Entertainer

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