Da Vinci’s review

A while ago I posted about a visit to Pizza Fair, and last night I had pizza in the Southern Suburbs again. This time it was at Da Vinci’s in Harfield Village. They have a reputation for good pizzas, so I was looking forward to trying them out.

Da Vinci’s has been around for more than ten years and it must be more than eight since I have been there. Being around for that long usually means that the place has something to offer. Another Da Vinci’s has also opened in Kloof Street (over the road from Asoka, where Mimmo’s used to be), and has been going for a few years as well.

The decor is nothing fancy, very casual and kid friendly. They have a container of crayons on each table so that kids can draw on the paper table covers. When I arrived at 7:30pm, the place was half full and really buzzing. I walked through to the back section which houses the bar as well as some additional tables. It was quieter back there so I selected a table in that section. The place seems to have been through a revamp, apparently the bar section is new and the menu has been revamped a bit too.

The service was prompt and friendly. I asked which pizzas were the most popular and apparently the Da Vinci is the most popular, a strange coincidence. The nice thing is that you can order your pizza as two different halves, which is what we did. I had a half Tendulkar (chicken tikka with tomato & onion salsa) , half Miro(chorizo, mushrooms with tomato & onion salsa – R57) and my partner had a half van Gogh (parma ham & rocket), half Da Vinci (bacon, avo, mushroom – R63). I would say the pizzas were above average, but not so good that I would make a plan to get back there to have another one.

The place is unpretentious. It’s casual, inexpensive dining so you’re not expecting anything fancy and you won’t be disappointed. The menu us much more than pizzas, they also have pastas, burgers, salads, ribs, calamari, etc.

If you’re looking for a casual option in that area, especially if you have kids, Da Vinci’s fits the bill.

Da Vinci’s
37 Second Ave, Harfield Village
021 683 5453


2 responses to “Da Vinci’s review”

  1. Hi Dax … Da Vinci’s used to be a real favourite of mine when I lived around the corner and I pop in every now and then because I’m still in the area and the pizzas aren’t bad. But if you’re not a fan of noisy kids then beware, because it can become like a free-for-all creche, although I think the back area you spoke of would be quieter. From what I remember though, the peri-peri chicken livers (on the starter section of the menu) were a real winner — the real thing, fiery hot, not like some of the namby-pamby offerings I’ve had elsewhere. Talking of Italian restaurants .. anyone been to the Italian Kitchen in Tokai Road, opposite Blue Route? I’ve heard good reports about this place

  2. Mark, you would do well to head out to the Italian Kitchen.