Coda at Bascule bar review



I was a very bad boy and forgot to mention an important event in my latest newsletter. Coda played a little sunset concert at Bascule Bar on Sunday. It was fabulous. Maybe I’m glad I didn’t mention it because there were very few seats. I don’t understand why Bascules (as the Londoners like to call it, they put an ‘s’ on everything) arranges a lovely event like this, markets it fairly well, and then proceeds to embarrass itself by having a funny amount of seats available (by funny I mean ridiculously few).

Anyway, the setting was breathtaking, with Coda on one hand and the mountain and Waterfront on the other, softened with the colours of dusk. It was a bit warm initially, but as the sun slipped away it became perfect. There was a large proportion of overseas visitors in the audience (it is the Cape Grace after all) and they were digging it lank. Great advert for Cape Town. My chest is swollen with pride.

I love this city.