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There are a few options when it comes to steak houses in the Waterfront, plus there are many restaurants there which can serve a good steak even though they are not specifically steak houses. Most people think of Balthazar first, prbably because they advertise the most and are quite centrally located. They like to advertise that they have been awarded best grainfed beef steakhouse several times. I’m not sure that’s really an accolade, you can read more about that here. The problem I have with Balthazar, is that I have had too many people tell me they have had such bad steak there that they had to send it back. For most people, it takes a lot before they will send food back, so when 4 different people tell me they sent their steak back, I start to worry, especially with the prices they charge.

The other option is hidden in the corner behind the Cape Town Fish Market and is in fact owned by them too, Krugmann’s Grill. I like this restaurant and it is probably my first choice for steak in the Waterfront. The menu is not only steak, it’s actually one of the biggest menus I have ever seen. I think you can also order from CTFM next door if you really have to. I found everything about this place to be of a high standard and the prices are reasonable. I was particulary impressed with the moist scented cloth everyone received to wipe their hands after the meal. Small things count.

The last option is the one I ate at the other night (Krugmann’s was closed for a private function), City Grill Steakhouse. We just wanted a quick bite so didn’t have an elaborate meal. No starters, except I had the springbok carpaccio (R49) as a main. It is served with thin slices of parmesan but it’s not strong so it doesn’t overpower the springbok which was delicious. My dining partners each had a sirloin with a ‘special’ sauce (R89). One was a mustard based sauce and the other was a spicy mushroom sauce. I quite liked both the sauces and the steaks were good but I never order sirloin so can’t compare. I’m a fillet man (pepper sauce please).

The wine list was on the pricey side. Not wanting to settle for the Nederburg Baronne at R99, we chose the Durbanville Merlot for R116. Apart from the Baronne and the Chateau Libertas, there wasn’t anything below R100.

The service was fine, nothing to complain about. Overall the experience was average, neither disappointing nor exciting. Still prefer Krugmann’s Grill.

V&A Waterfront
Tel: 021 421 9820


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  1. I tried Krugmanns Grill based on what you have said and yes it is the best damn steak at a affordable price i have hadin years. I ordered the the rump to really test if they knoe their meat and by golly. The rump was tender and juicy. they had a fabulous cocktail mene and some interesting method of preparing sushi. All and all what a bargain and experience

  2. I’ve had a couple of meals at the City Grill since I posted this (not very useful) review 4 years ago, the most recent being a couple of days ago, so I thought I would update my review.

    It was a beautiful winters day, crisp but sunny, so we decided to have lunch at the Waterfront as I really enjoy the vibe and having the water a stone’s throw away. We selected the City Grill and sat outside, overlooking the harbour.

    We had 2 courses each. To start shared a halumi & avo salad (R59) and a springbok carpaccio (R59). Both were enjoyable, although I did find that they were a bit generous with the mayo based dressing on the salad. I would prefer it on the side. Pine nuts were a lovely addition to the salad. The carpaccio was tasty (slight smokiness) and had a firm texture (I don’t like it when my carpaccio falls apart).

    For mains I had the 250g fillet (R149) with pepper sauce (R19) and it came with chips. The steak was good quality, tender and prepared to specification. The pepper sauce was deliciously creamy with a good level of spice.

    My dining partner had the steak roll (R89) which she enjoyed, also served with chips.

    We drank a bottle of the Morkel malbec (R215) which was excellent, not too spicy and heavy as some malbecs can be.

    The bill with out tip came to about R650, we did also have a bottle of sparkling water and a roll with balsamic & olive oil (they don’t provide complimentary bread), plus 2 coffees.

    The service was friendly and competent.

    I wouldn’t have a problem recommending the City Grill as a dining option at the Waterfront. It’s not cheap, but the food quality is good. I’m sure they can afford to provide complimentary bread though.

  3. The food is consistently good. It on the top of my list for a good steak!