Cafe Roux review

Cafe Roux opened in the Noordhoek Farm Village a few months ago. I can tell you with confidence that I am not a regular at the Noordhoek Farm Village. In fact I have only been a couple of times when visiting my grandparents who live nearby.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, due to an elaborate surprise involving a friend from London I arranged to have breakfast there. It was a beautiful day, so that would have contributed heavily to the experience as we were sitting in the very large alfresco section. 3 of us had the breakfast ciabatta which was en enormous portion of eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. One person had Eggs Benedict or something like that. The food was very good. Service was fine.

I had such a nice time I went and collected my grandparents and took them there for lunch! Gramps had the linefish and Gran had the battered and fried calamari (why was the calamari battered? Because it just wouldn’t listen!!). The food was very good again. The service this time was excellent because my grandfather was struggling to eat the crunchy veggies so they brought him a little veggie bake they made for him with butternut and mash potato etc. They were happy to help and didn’t charge extra for the veggie bake. Well done team.

I would say, if you live in the area you should be having breakfast there whenever the sun is shining, and if you don’t live in the area it’s actually a great little jaunt.

Cafe Roux
Noordhoek Farm Village
021 789 2538

Here is a pic of my Grandparents enjoying their foodies…



2 responses to “Cafe Roux review”

  1. Andrew B

    I’ve been to Cafe Roux a couple of times and really like it – generally relaxed family atmosphere. Each time the food has been great (their salads and open vegetarian sandwiches are especially worth mentioning) but have to say that the bacon and tomato omelette I had during my last visit for breakfast was rubbery. The toast too was a bit of a maxilla-facial workout! However, I will definitely go again.

  2. I had breakfast here again today and the standard is still high.

    I had the Earl’s all day breakfast (R54) which I have every time. I ordered the eggs poached and they were done very well. We also ordered the english breakfast (R50) which was good (and includes 3 pork sausages!). The eggs Benedict with bacon (R49) was good and the omlette (R49) was too.

    Coffees were great (R14) and the orange juice (R15) fresh.

    Don’t forget that this place is very kid and pet friendly. Several people brought their dogs and there were many kids playing in the playground. Also, at about 11am they do a special kids tea party type thing (maybe call them for more info) which is very popular.