Bravado review

The guys from Bravo in Mouille Point have been forced to move as their lease is not being renewed. The owners are keeping the place as a restaurant, apparently to be called Cafe Splendido or something like that. Hopefully they haven’t forgotten what happened to the place that was there before Bravo, Eurasha, which died a slow horrible death. It’s not a guaranteed thing just because of the location.

So the Bravo guys have bravely opened Bravado where Melissa’s used to be in Greenpoint. I had lunch there on Saturday and the place was humming. I was quite impressed, it’s only been open for a couple of weeks and there isn’t much else around so the people there came there to specifically for Bravado. It’s already apparent that Bravado is going to be even more popular than Bravo was. It’s definitely a bigger and better protected space, able to handle the winter elements. I believe the evenings have quite a vibe going, a possible alternative for the Beluga, Rick’s and HQ crowd? 

Brett is always there to make sure his team are not letting him down and I think that makes a big difference. It certainly helped us as we had a new waiter who didn’t really know what he was doing. Aren’t they supposed to be trained beforehand? Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be fine after a couple of shifts. Brett casually filled in the gaps so our overall service was fine.

The pizzas seem to be the thing to go for, I saw many people ordering pizza and the salmon & cream cheese pizza is apparantly amazing. I’ve had it before and it’s not really to my taste. The pizzas are around R70 to R80. I ordered a burger with pepper sauce (R65) and wasn’t blown away. It was fine but not great and the sauce was really oily. Why would there be oil in a pepper sauce? At R65 I’d prefer a Caprice burger any day of the week. Two people at the table ordered wraps (R55), and they were also not particularly impressed with their food. The food is basically the same as it was at Bravo. One person had the Malva pudding (R40) which they seemed to enjoy.

Some restaurants are more about the food, some more about the vibe. Bravado is about the vibe and the food is good enough that you won’t mind eating there. They have some TV screens so sport lovers can catch a game there as well. I think with the bigger and better protected space, it’s going to be even more popular than Bravo was.

A bonus is that you can have your car washed at plush while you grab some lunch!

Somerset Rd, Greenpoint
021 433 1496


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  1. Thought I saw you there on Saturday. We had late lunch there as well. Pizzas were ok but our waitress took the order down wrong, so instead of bacon and banana, I received a olive, pepper, salami and banana pizza. Olives and banana = not a good combination but I was too hungry to complain. Our bill was also a disaster but finally got it sorted out after sending it back twice. I will go back but think I will give them a few weeks to get into the swing of things. Its all still quite new and disorganised.