If you pay attention to the news, you will be aware that South Africa is currently formulating it’s policy on biofuels. Many people tout biofuels as the solution to our ‘oil addiction’. This is not really the case, it turns out that it uses more energy to create the fuel than the fuel actually provides. Those who are promoting it are the companies that will make money from it.

If you would like to read up about why biofuels are not the way to go, check out this article

If you are interested in attending a presentation on biofuels (blurb below), then here are the details:

Seminar Room
Chemical Engineering Building
Upper Campus, UCT
Wednesday, 7 March, 5 pm

Dr Karin Kniessl discusses some of the geopolitical and market issues which dominate the current debate on transformation of the global energy market – the “third industrial revolution” – as coined by some scientists. She will examine the role of the European Union, OPEC and international energy companies in this debate and its implications for South Africa.