Besobar review

Po Na Na has become a tapas bar called Besobar (in Spanish ‘beso’ means ‘kiss’ and ‘bar’ means ‘bar’). If you’ve been to Po Na Na before you will know what to expect decor wise because nothing has really changed. Although, I’m sure you’ll agree, Po Na Na would be quite suitable for a tapas bar.

They have put some glass food diplays on the half of the bar, with a selection of tapas on display. The problem is they are not refrigerated so the tapas look pretty tired after about 10 minutes. The egg things looked super dodge. I’d only eat the stuff made fresh in the kitchen.

The menu consists of about 30 to 40 small tapas costing about R6 to R10 each. We ordered 10 different things and they cost about R80. Some were quite nice, some average and some terrible. So it’s a kind of hit and miss operation. I guess if you go a few times you will learn which ones are good and which ones you like.We were there for lunch so didn’t look at the wine list, but they have Stella draught which you can buy in various sizes up to 1 litre.

Heritage Square is a nice environment in which to eat lunch, especially in town because you can sit outside on the balcony and enjoy al fresco dining without having the noise of the road and being hassled by beggars and buskers. I am also very partial to the tapas style of eating, and Besobar is certainly more authentic than any other tapas places in CT. So for these reasons I would recommend you check it out. I can picture myself there having a long lunch with a big group and a table full of tapas and litre jugs of Stella. Is it lunch time yet?