Bay Harbour Market review

I’m pleased with the proliferation of markets. I recently reviewed the new City Bowl market at Hope Street and last weekend I spent most of Saturday at the new Bay Harbour market in Hout Bay. There are two reasons why I’m pleased with the proliferation of markets. The one is that it’s great that small producers have an outlet for their products because they don’t ‘fit’ into the big supermarket system, and I’m pleased that people have the opportunity to connect with the people who have produced the food they will eat. We are too separated from the source of our food and it’s not a good thing. The other reason is that a market should be local. You shouldn’t be driving across the city to get to a market, it should service the local area and I’d suggest that the local producers also get priority (although, that’s not really feasible right now).

Hout Bay actually already has a market, called The Bay Food & Wine Market, located underneath La Cucina. It’s been running for over a year and is apparently well supported. I haven’t been to it, but I hear it’s quite good. I don’t know if there is space for two markets in Hout Bay, but I guess we are going to find out.

I was invited to the opening day of the Bay Harbour market and I happened to be free so I grabbed a friend and went along. I was pretty impressed with the experience. The market is in an old warehouse, right at the end of the harbour road (drive past Mariner’s Wharf, all the way to Snoekie’s). Being indoors means it’s perfect for winter, I’ll be interested to see how it is in summer as it has the potential to get uncomfortably hot. There is plenty of parking too.

The Bay Harbour market is not just about food, there is a craft & clothing section too. There were a large number of stands and many people I spoke to that day mentioned they were planning on having a stand at the market too. That was probably because we were all impressed  with how many people were there on the first day. The market is also open on Sundays, which really makes it unique and I heard that the Sunday of the opening weekend was even busier. The vibe is great, partly due to the live music which continued all day.

We had some tasty food from some of the many food stalls. We drank some cold craft beer and drank some wine too. We chatted and listened to the music, and even danced a little. It was a most enjoyable day. I think the Bay Harbour market will go from strength to strength.

I was also pleased to learn that there is a socially responsible element to the market, where they are assisting local disadvantaged communities to start up a business and have a stand at the market. You can read more about this on their website if you are interested.

For another review of the market with lots of pics, visit Drizzle & Dip.

Bay Harbour Market
31 Harbour Road, Hout Bay
Tel: 082 570 5997


5 responses to “Bay Harbour Market review”

  1. Hi Dax
    Completely agree – we went to the Bay Harbour Market on Sunday as well and it was lovely.
    The food was great, the music was lovely and not too loud that you couldn’t sit and chat. There’s some great fare there as well.
    I hope that someone does some food that is “healthy” – my friend doesn’t eat wheat or gluten, and it was quite a feat finding a stand that would just serve a delicious salad. We did find a lovely lady who was willing to put one together and she also commented we were not the first to ask for a healthy lunch option!
    We look forward to going back.

  2. I like your picture montage, very cool – and what a fabulous day we had. Thanks Dax

  3. Hi Anna
    Never fear we are in the process of getting a few traders speciallizing in wheat and gluten free products as well as expanding our organic range!
    Thanks for popping by and hopefully see you soon 🙂

  4. Pamela McOnie

    Hi Dax. You have to try the other market – The Bay Food & Wine Market – it is really lovely and small enough that it is not overcrowded. It was actually refreshing not to have huge numbers of people and actually being able to spend time with the vendors chatting. The food stands are of a high quality. It was really a great experience. With regards Pam

  5. Urbannosh

    The Bay Food and Wine Market in Hout bay, at Victoria Mall!

    Dont miss our chef cook offs with ingredients sourced from the market at 12 noon every Saturday!

    We are such a specialist market focusing on GOURMET FOOD, great WINE, the best of the best BEER and of course FRENCH BUBBLES!

    All in all a GASTRONOMIC ADVENTURE each and every Saturday 9:30-2:30 under La Cuccina at the Victoria Mall in Hout Bay!

    And always remember LOCALS ARE LEKKER!