Asian Kitchen review

I went to the Asian Kitchen in Glen Cairn for lunch. Don’t confuse this one with Chef Pon’s Asian Kitchen in Gardens. It was a pretty bad experience. I need to learn to trust my instincts more because as I walked in I thought that it wasn’t going to be up to scratch. The place was really not clean, the menus were grimy and my beer glass was stuck to the table cloth every time I picked it up. The menu offers Japanese, Thai and Chinese foods (similar idea to Haiku which I reviewed recently).

My food was fine, but it’s not hard to fry up some noodles with chicken and veg. The waitress was definitely authentic asian because we couldn’t really understand a word she was saying. The real kicker though was that halfway through our meal, the other waitress sits down at the front desk and proceeds to watch a Jackie Chan movie with the sound so loud we could hear every punch. I understand that piracy of DVDs is a big part of chinese culture, but watching one while we’re eating doesn’t really add to the ambiance. Needless to say, we didn’t linger.