A Touch of Madness review

I don’t go to Obz that often. The last time I went was to check out the Holistic Lifestyle Faire that happens there on the first Sunday of every month. It’s definitely the kind of thing one would expect to find on the other side of the Lentil Curtain (Noorhoek, Kalk Bay area). I don’t really enjoy that weird vegetarian food and don’t look good in tie-died hesian clothes so one visit was enough for me.

Anyway I wanted to go and see The Most Amazing Show (Corné & Twakkie) at the Independent Armchair Theatre, so I dragged some friends along. We decided to have some dinner at A Touch of Madness before the show. I had heard a lot about this restaurant, particularly the Victorian decor which is very interesting. The restaurant is in a converted old house, which I quite like because the different rooms allow for some privacy and add character. So thumbs up for the venue.

The menu was average, quite small but with varied options so anybody should be able to find something appealing. The vegetarian section is huge, which is expected for a restaurant in Obz. The prices of the meals are pretty reasonable, ranging from R40 to R60. The wine list is short but again, enough of a selection to suite most palates. The wines were very reasonable priced, we paid R50 for a Groote Post Old Man’s Blend, and there were quite a few wines in that price range. So if you’re wanting an interesting place to drink reasonably priced wine, this is a good spot.

Unfortunately we needed something to eat as well. I ordered the Greek Lamb, which was not too bad (read ‘could have been better’) and the veggies were nice. The problem (this is a common problem) was that the plates were cold so by the time I was halfway, the food was totally cold. My friend ordered the lasagne. It was HORRENDOUS. It had been baked to death and then baked a little more. It was dry, the cheese on top was hard and bottom sheets of pasta were so hard (crusty) that it was almost impossible to cut through it. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I recommend that you do not go there for food.

A Touch of Madness
12 Nuttall Road, Observatory
Tel: 021 448 2266


2 responses to “A Touch of Madness review”

  1. Hallo, I just read this review now. Wow, it seems like it was written a while back.
    I do invite you to come try the restaurant again. Few things have changed, but what has is our attention to the food details.
    Have a great weekend and I do hope you contact me.

  2. Hi Lisa

    You are correct, the review was written in April 2006. I’m sure things have changed since then.