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5 Reasons Not To Miss Pinotage On Tap This Year



It’s that time of year again. Time for the wine festival that put both Wellington and Pinotage on the map. Time for the king of wine festivals. Time for Pinotage On Tap at Diemersfontein.

pinotage on tap

Pinotage On Tap or POT, as it’s affectionately nicknamed, has been going for more than 10 years and I’ve personally attended 5 of them so I can certainly vouch for the festival. Some of my best festival memories are from POT. What makes this festival so great, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

  1. Barrels – It’s not just that there is unlimited wine available to you, but actually pouring wine directly out of barrels is not something we get to do often and it seems to be a catalyst for festivities.
  2. Zolani – What’s a festival without music and Diemersfontein has brought in the big brass for this festival, literally. The famous Cape Town Brass Band together with special guest singer Zolani Mahola (of Freshly Ground fame) will be providing the good vibrations under the direction of conductor Richard Cock.
  3. Picnic – The ticket price includes food vouchers so when it suits you, you can order yourself some food and have a fabulous picnic on the grass while enjoying the music and lots of Pinotage!
  4. Wheels – You don’t want to be driving home after you’ve helped empty several barrels of wine, and believe me they are empty at the end of the festival, so take advantage of the shuttle service from Cape Town. A return ticket is only about R200 which is a very sweet deal.
  5. Fountain – The chocolate fountain is back! This was always a highlight but it does get messy which is probably why they stopped doing it. A giant chocolate fountain with a mountain of strawberries to dip. I’m sure you can imagine how that ends.

An extra reason not to miss Pinotage On Tap is that it’s always a great excuse to spend some time in Wellington which is very underappreciated region. We often stayed the whole weekend and enjoyed visiting wine farms and distilleries and more. Check out Wellington Tourism’s website for more info.

All the POT festival information is available at the Diemersfontein website, including the info on the shuttle service.

I have a pair of tickets to Pinotage On Tap (worth R870!) to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me how much you love the famous Diemersfontein Coffee & Chocolate Pinotage.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Wednesday 26th Oct. Make sure you use your correct email address when leaving your comment as I will notify the winner by email.


13 responses to “5 Reasons Not To Miss Pinotage On Tap This Year”

  1. … it’s such a favourite, I have tried to pair it with pretty much every type of food / dessert possible… so far it worked every single time (or maybe it’s just because I love it so much?). Also, there’s the famous dessert table at POT, it goes great with all of that too!

  2. I love Diemersfontein pino because it is so easy drinking! Great tasting, affordable and a lekker wine to have with braai.

  3. Melanie van Wyk

    Pinotage is my absolute favorite! And this competition closes on my birthday so perhaps will give me extra luck ????

  4. Carpe Diem
    Carpe Pinotage

    My favourite taste of the Cape.

    Would love to go to the farm and taste the sweet nectar from the source.

  5. My girlfriends and my favorite wine. Every week I do the weekly shopping the pink is on the list! The event is on my birthday so what a win this would be!!

  6. carlo links

    its quality of the purest and highest! Nothin on the market comes closer, thsi prize would be awesome as I always wanted to take my wife to such an experience, as she has never been to an event as this before….besides the coffee and chocolte is a winning combination for any wine lover!

  7. Chris Brett-Harris

    Pinotage. My absolute favourite and free flowing! I’ll be in Heaven 🙂

  8. Tarah Darge

    Woohoo! Diemersfontein Pino is the guilty pleasure of wine- so delish and totally moreish. Unashamedly love it!

  9. Anne Ford

    Diemersfontein Coffee and Chocolate Pinotage – whats not to love – my three basic food groups, coffee, chocolate and wine, all in one awesome drink!!!
    NOTHING beats it!

  10. You had me at wine. 😀
    And then you mentioned a chocolate fountain…. * faints *

  11. P recious
    I nvigorating
    N ectarous
    O utstanding
    T antalising
    A mazing
    G lorious
    E xquisite

  12. Gizelle Strydom

    Some of my most beautiful moments have been spent with great company, a crackling fire, Diana Krall and the likes playing in the background, and of course the rich aroma of an excellent glass of coffee pinotage mixing into the atmosphere.
    The fact that dark chocolate has found its way into the mix is… magic.

    My mom is a huge pinotage fan, who turned me onto it years ago and now we will often share a bottle in the kitchen while preparing a delicious meal and catching up on the weeks happenings. So many warm and fuzzy’s, so naturally I would love to spoil her with a beautiful day out to create some more precious moments!

  13. Thank you everyone for you entries, the winner by random selection was Melanie van Wyk. I hope the rest of you will buy tickets and enjoy the festival regardless.