Verity concert review



On Saturday afternoon I went out to The Farmhouse in Scarborough to listen to Verity perform. All indications were that it would be rained out but actually it turned out to be a pleasant afternoon apart from the slightly chilly breeze. The venue was covered by large gazebos, but I think it might usually be open air. To the one side of the seating area is a lawn where people can spread picnic blankets and have a picnic during the show. If you don’t want to be bothered with packing a picnic, you can buy burgers there and also yummy chocolate cake. There is also a bar. The concert was lovely, Verity is a very talented person and if you know her like I do, you will agree that she is as lovely as she is talented.

I’d recommend that you try and get to one of Verity’s gigs at some point. I think she is playing at Cape To Cuba next Sunday, check out and I’d also suggest you keep an eye on the gig list at the Cape Farmhouse too, it’s worth a visit