10 Reasons To Take Your Tongue To The Good Food & Wine Show

Many people thing the Good Food & Wine Show has become boring. They are not incorrect, it has stagnated a bit. But out of nearly 200 exhibitors, surely there must be some worthwhile stuff? There absolutely is, but the trick is, how do you find it? That’s where I come in. As one of the judges of the stands at the Good Food & Wine Show this year, I had to walk around and give each stand some attention. I took notes, and I compared notes with my fellow judges and I have come up with a list of things you need to taste at the Good Food & Wine Show.

  1. Everson’s mulled cider
    Everson's Mulled Cider
    There is a huge craft beer corner where you can task a huge selection of great craft beers, but in that section is a funky box and on that box you will find Everson’s mulled cider. It’s served warm and tastes like apple pie in a glass. Delicious! Reminds one a bit of gluhwein, just a lot nicer.
  2. These meringues at Queen Of Tarts
    Queen of Tarts
    Well, the meringues will get you there but I would be surprised if you don’t buy a few different treats from this stand.
  3. These macaroons from Daniella’s
    They really are very good.
  4. Fudge from The Fudge Master
    Fudge Master
    A ton of flavours to choose from, smooth and creamy fudge, just the way I like it.
  5. This Paella
    I actually didn’t try it, but seriously, how good does that look?
  6. These single variety olive oils at Portion 36
    portion 36
    Most olive oils are a blend of various olive varieties. Portion 36 is offering tastings of the single varieties so that you can understand the components of the blend. Very interesting, and education for your taste buds.
  7. The new lollies from Las Paletas
    Las Paletas
    They have 2 new flavours, key lime pie and tiramisu. Go try them!
  8. Pistacchio ice cream from Moro
    They actually have a bunch of amazing flavours in that cute cart of theirs. The ice cream is so smooth and creamy, it’s dreamy.
  9. This chenin from Perdeberg Winery
    perdeberg Winery
    Because it’s delicious. And has a million awards.
  10. Quality Pickles
    If you don’t already use their chilli & dhania sauce, you owe your taste buds an apology!

BONUS TIP: The Potatoes SA stand is giving out delicious tasters. I had the leek & potato soup and it was so good I came back twice!

Apart from that list of delights, there are many tasty stands, interesting stands, entertaining stands. Not to mention the celebrity chef theatres. Check out Matt Preston from MasterChef Australia, the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro and MasterChef SA judge, Pete Goffe-Wood, and many more.

I watched chef Jose Gomez making a paella the Spanish way…

For more info, visit the Good Food & Wine Show website.

The official hashtag is #GFWS2015

Which are your special highlights from the show? Share them in the comments below…