What is Relax with Dax?

Relax with Dax consists of 2 parts, each with distinct information. The first part is the newsletter which is sent out to subscribers at the beginning of each month. This contains information about what new restaurants, bars, clubs, etc have opened recently. The focus is on the CBD and Atlantic Seaboard, but other areas are also covered as much as possible.

In addition to the list of new places, the newsletter also contains information regarding festivals, theatres, and other events which Dax thinks might be worth checking out. It is not an exhaustive list of events in Cape Town, just those that Dax thinks might be interesting.

Dax does not receive any payment for listing venues or events, all reviews and comments are totally unbiased (other than the bias of his own preferences).

The website is regularly updated with venue reviews and other social commentary. The current newsletter and some previous ones are also available on the website.

With respect to my reviewing style, if you’re looking for comprehensive reviews that rate everything and tell you about the food and dining experience in flowery words, then you’ll have to try somewhere else. I don’t take a notepad to venues because I don’t want them to know I am watching their every move. I believe that it’s the overall dining experience that counts, I might be prepared to put up with a weak wine list or average service if the venue has other redeeming qualities like a really attractive hostess. For these reasons my reviews are short and powerful, giving an overall impression of the place and mentioning good and bad aspects that stand out.

To subscribe to the newsletter, email your request to dax@relaxwithdax.co.za